White Sox: That's why nobody wanted Mike Clevinger

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are not expected to do much for the rest of the season. After hiring a new GM and senior Vice President in Chris Getz, these final games in September don’t matter much

However, it would be nice to see certain players have a strong finish as the team determines their fate going forward. 

On Saturday, however, the team looked to be dead. The Detroit Tigers aren’t a bad baseball team by any means but they aren’t world beaters either. 

They will most certainly not be a playoff team once October rolls around. However, they have a lot more to be proud of and excited about than the Sox. 

The Chicago White Sox were smashed by the Detroit Tigers on Saturday.

The aforementioned game that occurred on Saturday was bad. The Tigers took a 10-0 win over the Sox. It was not a pretty sight to see. 

Mike Clevinger was the starting pitcher for the White Sox in this game. He was placed on waivers last week but went completely unclaimed. 

He is having a decent season but his character is very much in question. He was investigated during the off-season and he has had a few other incidents that make you wonder.

Clevinger gave up 8 runs in 4.0 innings pitched. He kind of showed exactly why he went unclaimed. He isn’t, although he has had a decent season, worth having on the roster at all. 

You will probably see more starts like this one from him going forward too. With all of this in mind, it is 0% surprising that he went unclaimed on the waiver wire. White Sox fans only have to have him on their team for a few more weeks. 

It would have been nice to enjoy Mike Clevinger's season this year but it is just impossible. On top of his reputation on top of the fact that the White Sox were just horrible, it doesn't add up.

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