White Sox: This Pedro Grifol quote should get him fired

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have been having a terrible season. In a year that they were supposed to compete, they are one of the worst teams in the American League. 

To say they are one of the biggest disappointments of all time would honestly be an understatement. The rebuild is a failure and people should be held accountable. 

Manager Pedro Grifol is not one of the folks responsible that the rebuild is a failure. However, it is partially his fault that this current 2023 season is a disaster. 

He is not a good manager and although it isn’t all his fault, he is clearly way over his head. You can tell from some of the comments that he makes that he just doesn’t get it sometimes. 

Pedro Grifol needs to be away from the Chicago White Sox going forward.

On Wednesday night, he made a comment that should honestly get him fired. When asked about Elvis Andrus playing still, he mentioned that they are never going to compromise a major league win for development. 

Is that a joke? The White Sox are 20 games under .500. What do you mean you care more about one win over development? That just makes no sense. 

The White Sox are so far from the playoffs and even a miracle wouldn’t get them in now. They traded a ton of players at the deadline as they were clearly sellers. 

Teams like that care more about the future than the present. Somehow, Pedro Grifol thinks getting another win in this meaningless season is more important than the development of the organization. 

Pedro should be fired for these remarks. That is absolutely not how a  major league team should be run. He has no business in charge if he truly thinks that way. 

One of the reasons that the White Sox are such a bad organization is because they have people that think like this. They aren’t on the same page from top to bottom and it shows. 

Pedro is wrong. Developing young talent and seeing what you have in these players is more important than Elvis Andrus helping you beat the equally as pathetic 2023 New York Yankees in August. 

Yay, now the White Sox only trail first place by 13.0 games! Way to go Pedro! 

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