At the end of the day, this is the true Chicago White Sox problem

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The Chicago White Sox are not a good baseball team. Things are very bad there and the issues are both on and off the field.

Players deserve blame and management people deserve blame. Changes need to be made on both fronts if things are going to turn around.

All of those things are true but nothing will change without an ownership change. Unless Jerry Reinsdorf sells, nothing is going to change.

It is obvious that he does not do what he needs to do as an owner to make sure this team is putting its best foot forward. As long as he's there, they won't take steps.

The White Sox won't stay good until there is an ownership change.

He is the winningest owner in sports right now in terms of championships. That is because he lucked into Michael Jordan who was a third overall pick in the draft and he won them six. In 2005, the White Sox then had the unlikeliest (yet amazing) run to the World Series.

All of these things make Jerry look better than he has been. It doesn't seem likely that any of his teams luck into a title any time soon.

For one, he is a cheap owner when it comes to roster construction. They are one of three teams along with the Oakland A's and Kansas City Royals to never give out a contract worth 100 million or more.

He is also loyal to a fault. How Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn have jobs still is beyond anyone's knowledge. He also went above all of these people that he hired to run the team and hired his old friend Tony La Russa to be the manager. All of these decisions are horrific and don't help the team.

As long as he is in charge of it all, they won't be winning anything. So yes, they need to clean house when it comes to players, managers, and executives but nothing will change until there is an improvement at the ownership level.

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