White Sox trade Lance Lynn to Rays in one of these 3 insane trade packages

Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves
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The Chicago White Sox are an incredibly bad team and it is a rotten shame that we are even having this conversation.

They are going to be massive sellers at the trade deadline and that is so much less fun than being buyers. It would be so nice to see them add right now in preparation for their playoff push.

Instead, rumors of Lance Lynn potentially going to the Tampa Bay Rays are the talk of the town. Hopefully, if anything, they find a way to do it the right way.

If the White Sox do trade Lynn to the Tampa Bay Rays, the return might look something like this:

Trade One

lynn rays 1

The Chicago White Sox are not going to get as much for Lance Lynn.

The Chicago White Sox are not going to get all that much from the Rays in a trade for just Lance Lynn. Anyone they can get that might turn into a good Major League Baseball player would be a win for them.

Heriberto Hernandez is an outfielder that is currently the number 16 prospect in the Rays' system. He is currently 23 years old and playing for the Montgomery Biscuits of AA.

He is a talented player that has good power and a strong arm in the outfield. The White Sox might enjoy adding a player like that if they are trading Lance Lynn away.

If Lynn found his way to the Rays, they might be able to take advantage of his great stuff that he has shown. He has had a home run problem but if any team can help him figure it out, it is the Rays.