White Sox: Watching other teams have their fan fest is terrible

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are showing themselves to be an organization that doesn't care that much about doing what they can to win each and every year. Honestly, that is what it is like for a lot of teams across the league so they aren't all that different.

The thing that is starting to get to people is the fact that they are starting to show less and less care for the fans of thier team. This is one of the oldest organizations in the league and has little to show for it in terms of popularity and success.

Putting a winning product on the field would show appreciation for fans but there are other things going on that don't show much care either. One of the biggest reasons for saying this right now is the fact that they canceled the 2023 Sox Fest.

The annual fan fest was always a great way for folks to come and see and hear from the organization ahead of them leaving for spring training. That won't be a thing for White Sox fans this year as they are skipping it.

The Chicago White Sox don't really care about their fans at all right now.

There are a lot of reasons that they could be doing this. For one, they are cheap. They show that on the field and now they are showing it off the field.

They probably save a fair amount of money by not doing the event this year which is a shame to think about when you add up all the money that people spend to support the team all year long.

It is also probably a case of the organization not wanting to answer some hard questions. The disaster that was the 2022 season, the Tony La Russa fiasco, and the limited spending that the team has had has made people angry and the organization won't answer for their mistakes.

Now, across social media, we are seeing other teams across the league having their fan events in full swing. COVID-19 shutting them down was one thing but we have safer ways of doing things now so the White Sox can't use any excuses other than "we don't want to".

Jose Abreu is gone which means there would be some tough questions about that as well. However, this would have been a great opportunity to introduce Andrew Benintendi after he signed the richest free-agent contract in franchise history.

Now, we will finish out the off-season just hoping that at least one more move is made to fix the organization's chances of winning in 2023.

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