Why Hanser Alberto needs to be gone from the White Sox

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have had players over the years that just don't play well. That happens to every team in Major League Baseball from time to time.

What doesn't happen to every team is having players that just flat-out don't deserve to be on the roster and never did. That seems to happen to the Chicago White Sox all the time.

We thought we were done seeing that once they designated Leury Garcia for assignment. He had been that type of player for the last handful of years if not his entire tenure. It was okay during the rebuild though so people didn't care.

Now, however, we are seeing history repeat itself with Hanser Alberto. He has no business being on the Chicago White Sox roster. He had an amazing spring training but that is because it was spring training. He did a good job hitting off guys who will end up in A+ or AA.

The Chicago White Sox should not have Hanser Alberto on the team.

He made the team out of camp though which was just a mistake. Even though he had a good spring, he isn't a good player anymore and that was evident with other teams coming into this year.

Even if you argue that he deserved to make it because of those great spring games, he hasn't earned staying with the team based on his play up to this point. He hasn't been a good hitter outside of one home run and his defense has been as bad as it gets.

He has cost the White Sox a few runs with his bad play and that needs to stop. He should be off the team as soon as possible. Even with Yoan Moncada on the Injured List, there is no reason to keep him on the team. Plenty of other players are more capable of playing the position until Moncada returns.

You know it is bad when a player gets cut and that means he is probably done in the league. That would, barring a miracle, likely be the case for Hanser Alberto if the White Sox let him go. It is a decision that should be made very quickly.

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