It would be nice to see the Rockies pass the White Sox

Chicago White Sox v Colorado Rockies
Chicago White Sox v Colorado Rockies / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are not in a good spot. They are one of the worst teams in the league and deserve all of the hate that they get from their fans. From the top down, this thing is a mess.

Now, they are thinking about the off-season with Chris Getz in charge in place of Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams who were fired earlier in the year.

Part of his job is going to be making their first-round draft selection next summer. Of course, the order will be determined by a draft lottery for the second straight season.

The three worst teams in the league have a 16.50 percent chance of winning the number one pick in the draft. The fourth worst has a 13.25 percent chance and the fifth worst has a 10.0 percent chance.

The Chicago White Sox can improve their 2024 MLB Draft stock still.

Right now, the White Sox are that fourth team with a 13.25 percent chance. They can't finish with worse odds than that which is nice as they are mathematically unable to catch the St. Louis Cardinals.

They won't catch the Oakland A's and Kansas City Royals as they are locked into having two of those three spots at 16.50 percent. That third spot is still up for grabs. Right now, it is between the White Sox and the Colorado Rockies.

With three more series to go, the White Sox are 58-95 and the Rockies are 56-96. The White Sox can still be one of those three worst teams but they need to be a couple of games worse than the Rockies to end the year.

It would be tough to see the White Sox lose 100 games but it would be worth it if they end up with a better draft pick because of it.

Now, the MLB Draft is not like the NFL, NHL, or NBA Draft where players at the top could change the franchise right away. However, they could be a great building block for the future. You never know what they could eventually become.

This final handful of games isn't going to be fun to grind through but good things could come of it if the White Sox just get a little bit lucky. We'll see.

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