Chicago White Sox Holiday Gift Guide

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Cooperstown Collection Caps
Retail Price: $19.99-$35.99

I’m a really big fan of White Sox caps, especially the retro caps from the Cooperstown Collection. The good thing about being a White Sox fan is the fact there are many hats to choose from, because if one thing is true about the White Sox, it is the fact they’ve been very creative when it comes to designing a cap in the past.

One of my favorites is the 1941 cap, and I’m not being paid by any of these companies to promote the product, but I really enjoy the way these caps fit that were made by the ’47 brand.

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They are a good quality cap, and recently I received the 1929-32 version of the White Sox hat, and I love it. I like the quality the cap is made, and having already received one of these caps as a gift last month, it was a great purchase by the giver of the gift.

Also with the Cooperstown Caps is the fact there are a few designs that I’ve never seen or just don’t remember seeing, so it is like a history lesson when checking about how good the White Sox team was that wore these individual designs on their cap.

What are some of your favorite retro style hats that you own or want when it comes to the White Sox?