White Sox: Ken Williams No Longer Needed in Front Office


Rich Hahn has shown he can run this team. Because of this, the White Sox no longer need vice president Ken Williams.

The Chicago White Sox are having one of their best off seasons in recent memory. And that is all a credit to general manger Rick Hahn. Hahn is a standup guy and he’ll never admit there was tension between himself and Ken Williams. While the White Sox haven’t rebuilt in the past, they chose to finally rebuild this offseason.

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The organization made the right decision. And the decision is rebuilding will give them the best chance to be competitive in the long term. It’s clear Hahn was right about what direction the team should go in. Hahn showed he can run this team.

Let’s be honest, Williams really doesn’t add any value to the front office. It’d be different if they worked well together. Hence why the White Sox did almost nothing at the trade deadline. It’s not bad to have a different viewpoint, but not when it leads to nothing productive. Like the White Sox last season. These two don’t complement each other in any way. It seems like all Williams does is hinder progress.

This offseason has proved Hahn knows what he’s doing and can run a successful team. Given time, he can mold this team into a contender. The trick will be nothing can get in his way. He can’t worry about his boss [Williams] stepping in his way because he doesn’t agree with the moves.

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As general manager, he should be given full autonomy over the roster and direction of the franchise. If Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t have faith in him, then he shouldn’t be GM. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t help that Hahn has a guy who hasn’t done anything relevant since assembling a World Series team in 2005. It’s time for this team to come to their senses and finally cut the chord.