Report: White Sox Still Involved in Machado Trade Talks

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The White Sox are still in on Manny Machado Bruce Levine tweets. They did not include any of their top prospects in their trade proposal.

We haven’t heard much on the Manny Machado front but the Chicago White Sox are still in on him Bruce Levine tweeted on Tuesday. Levine also said sources confirmed the Cubs are in talks with the Baltimore Orioles, as well. Remember, the Sox didn’t include any top prospects in their offer. In a separate report, Eduardo A. Encina wrote that if Baltimore does decide to move on from Machado, they hope to do so by the end of this week.

While he [Machado] would be a great addition to the Sox, it would potentially only be for one year. And the Sox still might not win many games. That makes this play all the more intriguing. However, if they don’t have to forfeit their top prospects, then it’s worth the risk. They are stocked with talent throughout their minor league system, especially pitching. And there won’t be room for all those guys at the big-league level.

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There’s been a lot of talk about where Machado would end up playing on the South Side. It’s reported that he wants to play shortstop, even though he’s a gold glove third baseman. The White Sox still have Tim Anderson, who has a long-term contract and was thought to be their shortstop of the future. However, if the team is serious about trading for and trying to sign Machado long term, he needs to play short stop. That almost seems to non-negotiable.

So where does that leave Tim Anderson?

CLEVELAND, OH – OCTOBER 01: Francisco Lindor
CLEVELAND, OH – OCTOBER 01: Francisco Lindor /

Tim Anderson signed a six-year $25 million extension with the White Sox in March. The contract ensures he is with the organization until at least 2023. He has a $1 million buyout. If he plays out the life of the contract, he would reach free agency after the 2024 season. It was apparent the team saw him as part of the future.

It’s quite possible the Sox could just move him to another position. He could maybe play the outfield or they could move him to second base and move Yoan Moncada to third. The problem then is what do you do with Jake Burger? These are good problems to have but it’s something Rick Hahn could be thinking about as he navigates the talks for Machado.

Anderson has been a decent player early in his career. But if you have a chance to add an All-Star like Machado, you have to do it. The key is making sure you’re not giving up too much for someone who may only be with you for one season. Some may say the White Sox should look at trading Anderson if they acquire Machado. The problem is you risk losing Anderson and Machado after the season. If I’m Hahn, I’m not thinking about trading Anderson unless Machado is signed long term.

The fact remains a good manager will figure out a way to utilize both guys, to the best of their abilities. It may take some shuffling but there’s no reason the White Sox can’t find somewhere else for Anderson to play, that allows Machado to play shortstop. That seems to be a very important selling point for him. And if that means Anderson needs to play center field or second base, then so be it.

Trading for Machado would be a huge lift for this team. But it really means nothing unless they sign him long term. If Hahn can work out a deal, they have a whole season to sell him on Chicago. And if they show him they’re open to allowing him to play where he wants to play, then that will be part of the battle.

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As for Anderson, a trade for Machado wouldn’t necessarily spell doom for him. He is a young talented player who could still contribute to the team. It would just have to be at a different position.