White Sox will prove they own Chicago in 2020

(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images)
(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox will get to prove they truly are the best team in the state of Illinois this season.

The Chicago White Sox entered the 2020 season with high expectations and not just in comparison to their North Side counterparts, the Chicago Cubs.

Now, though, there’s a scenario being discussed, as detailed by Bob Nightengale of USA Today, in which there would be only three divisions in MLB for this season that would put both the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs in the Central.

That scenario would obviously be intriguing for baseball fans everywhere and could add another dimension to the already intriguing rivalry.

Competing for a playoff spot in the same division would only fuel more fan interaction, even if it would be from their couches and on Twitter instead of going to the ballpark and cheering, or booing, the teams.

The good news is that some games would be played in the South Side in this scenario, as teams would be allowed to play at their own ballparks without fans, at least initially, which would help make the game at least feel a little more natural.

If this scenario does indeed come to fruition, the Chicago White Sox would be in a position to become the team of Illinois this season, as they are clearly set to take a leap into contention while the Cubs are set to falter.

While the White Sox had a tremendous offseason, the Cubs only move of note was losing Nicholas Castellanos, a player who the White Sox did pursue and really should’ve made sure to sign in the end.

Nonetheless, comparing the teams by position, the only spots where I think the Cubs have an advantage are at first base (Anthony Rizzo edging Jose Abreu) and right field (Jason Heyward edging Nomar Mazara).

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Other than that, the Chicago White Sox look significantly better on paper than the Chicago Cubs, potentially setting up a very fun season for a fanbase deprived of a winning season since 2012.