Chicago White Sox: 3 bizarre trade packages for Willson Contreras

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Chicago White Sox, Yasmani Grandal
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The Chicago White Sox has been hurt by injuries badly in 2021. With that, they still managed to take care of business on the field with what they have. They have a very nice lead in the American League Central Division which is a testament to their players and coaches that are there contributing. One player that went down, however, that is missed is Yasmani Grandal.

Some people look at his batting average and wrongly think he is having a bad year. That could not be more wrong. He is having an incredible year. What he does to get on base is as good as any Major League catcher in the game. He also hits for tremendous power which is always a bonus coming from that position. We don’t know when he is going to be back but it should come before the end of the year.

The one thing that remains is the question as to whether or not he will actually get behind the plate when he comes back. He might be better off being a DH or playing some first base if his knee isn’t 100 percent. That means the White Sox could look for another catcher.

The Chicago White Sox might be in the market for another catcher right now.

Seby Zavala is a good defensive catcher but he isn’t good at hitting. Zack Collins has flashes of brilliance at both but there are times where it looks like he is better suited to be a backup. If the White Sox wants to acquire one, there is one across town that makes perfect sense. Willson Contreras is, like Grandal, one of the best two-way catchers in the world. These three trades might get something done: