Chicago White Sox: 3 players considered untouchable right now

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Chicago White Sox, Billy Hamilton
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Billy Hamilton

Billy Hamilton is going to be very useful for the Chicago White Sox in the playoffs.

There may be some of you out there scratching your heads and wondering why Billy Hamilton is on this list. After all, he hasn’t had a gigantic impact on the White Sox. However, he has had at least a little bit of an impact and has helped them win a few games this season.

Hamilton, an outfielder and baserunner, is not a regular starter in the White Sox lineup. When he has been, it’s been due to injuries. He may be pushed even further down the list (or completely off the team) once Luis Robert makes it back into the lineup.

But there is something that Hamilton has that many other players do not possess and that’s heart to go along with a try hard attitude. This guy gives 100 percent effort every time he comes to the plate. When he’s in the outfield, he gives it his all. He’s a media “darling” and he is a leader on and off the field.

Let us hope that the White Sox don’t trade him away unless they are planning to let him walk without a trade. If they do that, they should try to find a trade partner that is suitable for Hamilton and at least get something decent in return for him. Something is obviously better than nothing. Still, Hamilton is inspiring to the team and a true asset.

For at least this year, the White Sox need to keep him on the roster and not allow him to get away. Next year may not be a good yeaar for the White Sox to have him but right now need him to stay on the roster in order to help inspire the team and keep them moving in the right direction.

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