3 difficult decisions the White Sox will need to make this offseason

Here are three difficult decisions the Chicago White Sox will face during the offseason.
Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox - Game One
Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox - Game One / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are in a bit of a funk it seems. It started last year when they lost just over 100 games and cleaned house. The house cleaning may have been a little hard to swallow at first, but it’s made a little more sense as time goes on. Now, the White Sox face some tough decisions with their current roster that they must attend to.

While there are a lot of decisions that need to be made by the White Sox this offseason, there are three significant ones that they will have to deal with that are more important than the others. The offseason is where many big decisions need to be made and if the White Sox are going to be contenders, at all, in 2024, they need to figure things out and get going.

To trade or not trade Dylan Cease

If you have been keeping up on things this offseason, you will have seen that the White Sox are looking to trade Dylan Cease. This has been talked about for weeks, essentially ever since the end of the season, but no movement has been made. Why is that? Some point the finger at the White Sox and say that they are asking too much for him. Whatever the case, trading Cease may or may not work out and whether they trade him or not is a difficult decision.

What would the White Sox do if they traded their ace pitcher? They clearly wouldn’t have a star in that group unless someone steps up and surprises us. Doesn’t every pitching rotation need an ace? Who could step in and be their ace right now? Now I know that there is a lot with contracts to consider with this as well. Currently, he has an arbitrated contract and is in the second year of that contract. The White Sox have control over him until 2026 with this arbitrated deal.

What should the Sox do? Keep Cease or trade him? It would all be determined by what they get in return for him. Of course, the White Sox would want to get the maximum amount in return but after a down year, just how much can the White Sox get? That’s hard to figure out, just like the possibility of trading Cease is. It’s a tough decision that the White Sox must make to protect their future and get back what they need in return.