3 reasons why the Brett Phillips signing was a good move

Three reasons why the Chicago White Sox made the right move by signing Brett Phillips.
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Weary Chicago White Sox fans, who have been hungering for a big free agent signing these last few weeks should, by now, be aware of the signing of Brett Phillips. Phillips, an outfielder, signed a minor-league contract with the White Sox that could, should he make the big-league roster, net him $1.2 million for the 2024 season. This is not a bad deal by any means.

The White Sox do need help in the outfield, but they might have needed more star power out there compared to what they have there with everyone not named Luis Robert Jr. Chicago doesn’t have that potent of an outfield and could use some hitters to make their lineup much more offense heavy.

As we all know, the outfield is a great place to stash some big-time hitters.

So, just how does signing Philips help the Chicago White Sox? What could it do for them in 2024? Why is it a good thing to have Phillips in the Sox system as we prepare to head into the 2024 campaign? Well, there are three reasons why he might become an asset to the White Sox in 2024 and we will take a look at those three reasons below.

He’s a cheap date

The signing of Phillips doesn’t hurt the White Sox if he succeeds or doesn’t. He’s not that expensive and the White Sox wouldn’t lose much money if he didn’t pan out. If he does work out, we hope, and ends up being a top-of-the-line outfielder with a solid bat who makes the majors, then I would suspect the White Sox would have gotten a great deal. If he falters, there is no harm or foul.

The White Sox do need help in the outfield, this is true and perhaps his glove will be just as handy as his bat. We shall soon see.

Throughout his career, Phillips's average is .187. His slash line is .187/.272/.347. That’s not stellar but Phillips could be due for a career revival, of sorts, in Chicago and maybe he will find youth. Perhaps he will end up being one of their top players. Or maybe not. Either way, the White Sox need all the help they can get, and Phillips is there to help. How much, we don’t know yet.