Billy Hamilton will get another shot with the White Sox in 2023

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians - Game Two
Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians - Game Two / Jason Miller/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are a team that is trying to bounce back from a bad 2022 season. They aren't the most well ran team in baseball but they have made a few moves so far this off-season.

It will be nice to see what comes from signing Mike Clevinger and Andrew Benintendi as those are two guys that might be able to help this team win. They are going to need some of the other guys on the roster to get back to normal to have a good year but the new additions will be nice.

Well, you might remember that one really good season that the White Sox had in 2021 when everything went right for them.

Part of everything that went right for them was the play of Billy Hamilton. He is an incredibly fast player but that isn't what makes him valuable as lots of players are fast. The thing with him is that he is also a very good baserunner with that speed.

The Chicago White Sox are bringing Billy Hamilton in for spring training.

Hamilton is going to be at White Sox spring training on a non-roster invite. He is on a minor league deal which is perfect for him at this point in his career.

it isn't likely that he will be with the White Sox on Opening Day but don't count out Billy. The White Sox outfield will for sure include Andrew Benintendi, Luis Robert, and Oscar Colas for sure with other options available as well so we don't know how Hamilton will fit in but you just never know.

The last time that the White Sox had good vibes going with them was when Hamilton was on the team. They might let him in the clubhouse as a speed/defensive option for that reason alone.

It probably wouldn't be the best thing for the White Sox in terms of baseball operations but don't count out good vibes in a clubhouse mattering.

There is a lot of off-season left for the White Sox to make moves that will make Billy Hamilton a thing of the past but don't count on it. As mentioned before, the thing to bank on most is seeing the core guys playing well. Maybe, just maybe, Hamilton can help them out.

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