Chris Sale won't be pitching with Red Sox, Lucas Giolito after all

Lucas Giolito won't be pitching with Chris Sale this season.
Boston Red Sox v Baltimore Orioles
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On Friday, the Boston Red Sox signed former Chicago White Sox ace Lucas Giolito to a two-year deal. He is going there hoping to have a big-time bounce back with a much better team.

It looked like Giolito was going to be a part of the same rotation as Chris Sale, who was also a White Sox ace at one point in time.

Giolito was acquired by the White Sox one day after Chicago sent Sale to the Red Sox. They missed being teammates in Chicago by one day.

Seeing these two in the same rotation would have been pretty cool for fans of the White Sox, but now we know that won't be the case.

The Boston Red Sox traded former Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale

The Boston Red Sox traded Chris Sale to the Atlanta Braves on Saturday. In return, the Red Sox received Vaughn Grissom from the Braves.

Sale leaves Boston after many good years with the organization. That includes a World Series championship in 2018. He did everything with Chicago that the White Sox wanted him to do with them.

Now, Sale will join a Braves rotation that has some great arms. Guys like Spencer Strider, Max Fried, and Charlie Morton will help Sale be part of an elite group.

The Braves were the best regular-season team in the league during 2023 and they will likely keep that going in 2024. This time, they want to make a deeper run.

This is a franchise that won the World Series in 2021, so they are no stranger to postseason success. Bringing in Sale brings another arm that will help them in both the experience and talent departments.

Grissom, who didn't have a path to tons of playing time in Atlanta, will be a great piece for the Red Sox going forward.

Both Sale and Giolito have provided some amazing moments for White Sox fans and now we get to see them both in situations that will be good for them. Unfortunately, the White Sox are not that team.

Maybe one day the White Sox will acquire pitchers like Giolito and Sale. For now, the rebuild 2.0 will continue with Chris Getz looking to build on his vision.