White Sox News: Chicago should be all-in on Jazz Chisholm Jr. following Friday's trade

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One of the biggest trades of this Major League Baseball off-season took place on Friday afternoon. The Minnesota Twins traded reigning batting title winner Luis Arraez to the Miami Marlins in exchange for Pablo Lopez and two prospects. That is the definition of a blockbuster.

The White Sox obviously benefit from this move because of the fact that they won't have to face Luis Arraez as a member of a division rival anymore. He is an elite player against everyone but he seemed to be extra special when he was facing White Sox pitchers. It is good to see him shipped off.

With this trade though, it is easy to wonder what the Marlins are going to do. They already have Jazz Chisholm Jr. and they signed Jean Segura during the off-season. With Luis Arraez coming to town, what is their plan?

According to Kim Ng, they are going to move Jazz Chisholm Jr. to centerfield with Segura at shortstop and Luis Arraez at second base. It is an interesting strategy but it is also fair to wonder if another move is coming for them.

The Chicago White Sox are a team that could really use a 2B upgrade.

At the very minimum, the White Sox should be calling to check in on Chisholm Jr. He would fit into this team in every way. With how disappointing 2022 was, it would be nice to see them make a splash like this.

They desperately need an upgrade at second base but it sounds like they will roll with Romy Gonzalez and Lenyn Sosa as internal options. Chisholm is an All-Star caliber player that makes sense via a trade and the White Sox should be all in on trying to make a move like that.

He is also an outstanding hitter that has a proven track record in Major League Baseball now. This lineup would take a big step forward if he became a part of it.

Tim Anderson and Jazz Chisholm Jr. would make some great plays together if they were the team's two middle infielders. If Yoan Moncada and Andrew Vaughn had solid defensive years in addition to Chisholm joining the team, the entire makeup of the team could change for the better.

Again, this isn't something that is terribly likely but it is something that the White Sox should be strongly considering.

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