White Sox News: These two players shined bright on Saturday

Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers
Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox won a big game on Saturday afternoon. They tied up the series with the Seattle Mariners at one game apiece.

A lot of people did their jobs in order for the White Sox to get this win but two players in particular stick out.

One of them is Andrew Benintendi. He finally moved into the leadoff spot and he was clearly feeling good about himself after finally hitting his first home run of the season the night prior.

Benintendi went 4-5 with four hits, one run scored, and one walk to go with a stolen base. It was a very nice performance for him.

The White Sox got what they needed from everyone on Saturday.

The other is Zach Remillard. He was called up to replace Yoan Moncada on the roster and he was amazing in his Major League debut.

He came into the game to replace Tim Anderson. Elvis Andrus moved from second to shortstop and Remillard played second.

He ended up going 3-3 with three hits, a walk, and two RBIs. Those two RBIs happened to tie the game in the ninth and give the White Sox the lead for good in the 11th. It was incredible.

Both of these guys also did what they needed to do in order to win. The White Sox have to be very happy with the way they performed.

The funny thing is that Remillard is probably the last guy on the roster right now and Benintendi is the highest paid player in the history of the franchise. Sometimes, that stuff doesn't matter.

It is odd to see Remillard come in and replace a guy like Tim Anderson and be straight up better than him. Baseball can be hard to explain.

Where do these guys go from here? Well, it is hard to see Benintendi ever coming out of the lineup as long as he is healthy. That is what he was brought in to do.

As for Remillard, he just has to keep grinding. He finally made it to the show and he took advantage of his opportunity. How can you not be romantic about baseball?

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