White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf has a statement on Jose Abreu

Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox
Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

Jose Abreu is no longer with the Chicago White Sox organization. He is leaving as a free agent to head to the Houston Astros. It is going to be very tough to watch him play in another uniform but that is just the new reality for White Sox fans.

He had his introductory presser with Houston on Tuesday and it was not a pretty sight for Chicago White Sox fans at all. There is a lot to be upset with following his departure as the White Sox don't seem to do anything right anymore.

Not long after this presser, the White Sox announced some new coaches in what seemed like a news dump but it actually has some pros and cons.

None of this was the only news of the day either as thing surrounding Jose Abreu weren't done. On behalf of himself, White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf issued a statement on Jose Abreu and his departure.

The Chicago White Sox are clearly going to miss Jose Abreu now.

It is pretty clear that Jerry thought very highly of Abreu and his abilities to lead both on and off the field. He claims that he wanted him to be in a White Sox uniform for his entire career but now we know that isn't happening. It is partially Reinsdorf's fault so it is a bit confusing to read that but it is what it is.

Reinsdorf is mostly a bad owner when it comes to baseball operations. They don't use the resources necessary to turn their good team into a great team. As a result of that, Abreu is headed to a team that will give him a chance to win a ring.

We all know about what happened with Tony La Russa as Reinsdorf did what he did to bring in his friend as the manager. That set this franchise back a long time and it is going to be a while before they rebound. If they are good again in 2023, it will be a miracle.

Reinsdorf writing a note to Abreu sure is kind and there is doubting that he is a nice man. He just doesn't do business well when it comes to his baseball team. One thing Jerry is right about, however, is that Abreu is a White Sox all-time great.

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