White Sox Rumors: 3 left-handed free-agent pitchers to consider

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2. Sean Manaea

Sean Manaea would be a good person for the White Sox to reconsider.

The Chicago White Sox were very interested in Sean Manaea going into 2022 but they ended up not getting the deal done. Instead, he ended up getting traded from the Oakland A's t the San Diego Padres. It was a pitcher that the White Sox missed out on yet again but it wasn't all bad.

Manaea didn't fit in well with San Diego and that is mostly why he isn't going back there. They were a great team around him but he just wasn't able to find his way. It was honestly kind of strange when you think about it because he was mostly bad for them all season long.

He finished with a negative WAR which is a great indication that he did not have the year that he was hoping for. When he comes to his new team, he is going to want to have a great bounce back effort as he tries to become one of those top pitchers in the league again.

If he came to the White Sox, he might be able to bring some of that great left-handed stuff to the team that desperately needs it. They also wouldn't have to give up annything for him as they'd just be sigining him as a free agent. At this point, they'd be buying low on him after that bad year with the Padres.